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Rock The Vote

Rock the Vote's mission is to engage and build political power for young people in our country. more

Rock the Vote is a national nonprofit organization. Founded more than two decades ago at the intersection of popular culture and politics, Rock the Vote has registered more than five million young people to vote and has become a trusted source of information about registering to vote and casting a ballot. We use music, popular culture, new technologies, and grassroots organizing to motivate and mobilize young people in our country to participate in every election, with the goal of seizing the power of the youth vote to create political, economic, and social change. Today's generation of young people is the largest and most diverse in our nation's history. And while their participation has been on the rise, they are still under-represented in our electorate. Rock the Vote works to bridge this gap knowing that it is imperative to reach every citizen now (and in on-going ways) so they can be active participants in our democracy.


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